One of the Greatest Fireworks Shows on Earth

The fireworks get shot out from the middle of a cow pasture and you just pull up your pickup along the pasture fence, jump in the back, sit in lawn chairs or lay on blankets, stare up at the stars until the show starts. And man it’s a show.

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Magic City Hen video & Expo this Saturday

Before heading off to California, I got the privilege to shoot for a couple evenings with Mumbo, this little bantam hen for a quick video to support the Billings backyard hen initiative, which is slowly making its way to the City Council. It’s a quick shot to raise some awareness around the issue. There were […]

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Some Dreamers Along the Golden Line

The guy at the front of the Reno Trader Joe’s checkout line catches my eye and chuckles “A thousand bucks man. Eight days worth of Burning Man chow. For our whole camp. Crazy.” He and his buddy slap down their credit cards on what seems an impossible amount of food to consume in those days, […]

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The Mind Eraser

“My feet. That’s the signal. They start twitching. And I know it’s coming,” C tells me. Out the window of the rushing train, the sun climbs up out of the eastern horizon of Colorado. I met C early this morning for the first time after she agreed to be interviewed for a project I’m working […]

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Bright Edges of the Earth

At night, I stare into the African sky searching for the southern cross. I’ve been doing this for weeks. One evening, into the tenth hour of riding on Mr. Chen’s boat (that can’t be the right spelling…) between Nkata Bay and Ruarwe, Malawi, he lets us crawl up on top where the cargo rides. I […]

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Welcoming Autumn

I’m waiting for the bobcat. She’s all the rage on our street. Neighbors call those with small dogs wondering if they’re inside, as the she was seen strolling towards the Rims with something largish in its mouth (turns out it was a squirrel). A dozen or so sightings this month has my hopes up that […]

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(Beach) Apocalypse Now

I love this photo in a kind of “postcards from the apocalypse” kind of way. The way the photo inverts the usual overly bright and shiny beach postcard genre. It’s gorgeously unsentimental and tragic.

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Reading Virgil on the New York Stock Exchange Floor

Lower Manhattan, New York City 7a.m. I rest in front of George Washington’s statue at Federal Hall at 26 Wall Street. I sit with my camera bag waiting for the light to move so I can get a good exterior shot of the New York Stock Exchange across the street. I am on assignment this […]

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Chuck the Body Into Canada

…snapping her phone shut: “Well, that was Dan, he did it, he bought that place near me with the dead guy in the septic.” “I don’t know why he doesn’t just haul that thing outta there, walk across the border, and chuck it into Canada.” – Two older Montana women overheard in the Denver Airport […]

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