After reading Zinn’s A People’s History of the United States, Bruce Springsteen sat down, wrote, and recorded “Nebraska,” perhaps his best social and political work. Zinn once said he decided to write A People’s History after listening to Woody Guthrie’s lyrics about Colorado’s Ludlow Massacre. Guthrie goosed Bob Dylan towards political consciousness who in turn moved Springsteen to consider writing stories “from below” — stories against the grain of the “great men” theory of history.

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He was arrested on August 21 at a police checkpoint under Terrorism Act No 83 which allowed the government to detain any citizen for an indefinite period of time without trial and without the requirement to release any detainee’s name.

He was beaten repeatedly for 20 days until September 11th when, close to death, he was stripped naked and tossed into the back of a Land Rover and driven 1500km to a prison with hospital facilities.

He died on September 12.

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Congressman Denny Rehberg (Montana’s sole Representative) is making much of his “cutting-edge” social networking props, including Twitter and Facebook. How is this man supposed to be in any kind of realistic command of our state’s representation while he is still mired this deeply in his own infancy?

Is he so lost in his own navel-gazing delusions that he believes snarky and petulant comments pass as leadership?

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