African Sausage

Find a patch of brush. Light it on fire. Catch all the mice as they race to escape the flames. Toss them into boiling water. Wait. Scoop their wet-soaked scraggly carcass out of the water pot. Jam a dozen between two sticks. Run out to the road. Wait for a passing minibus. Sell for 150-250 Kwacha (USD$1.00-1.75).

I’m told they taste nothing like chicken.

Now I know I’ve written previously about travel and enjoying exotic foods. Well, I’ve met my match. Fried field mouse maybe. Barbeque those babies and we may be in business. Toss the meat into a tomato sauce and serve over nsima or rice. Perhaps. But wet, soggy, whole, boiled mouse. Boiled? Not so much. Maybe it’s just a texture problem.

Especially since the kid next to him is selling fresh roasted and salted ground nuts (aka peanuts).