As if I needed anymore evidence that life is like high school

Congressman Denny Rehberg (Montana’s sole Representative) is making much of his “cutting-edge” social networking props, including Twitter and Facebook.
Here’s two of his most three recent tweets:

Flying from D.C. To Billings today. (V.P. Biden not on my flight) #tcot 8:30 AM May 1st from TwitterBerry
Words that never crossed the lips of O.B. Adm in 1st 100 days? “well, maybe Bush wasn’t responsible for this one”. #tcot

How is this man supposed to be in any kind of realistic command of our state’s representation while he is still mired this deeply in his own infancy? Is he so lost in his own navel-gazing delusions that he believes snarky and petulant comments pass as leadership?

I live in fear that I’m going to pass him in the hallways of the Billings Logan Airport and he’ll be wearing footy pajamas and a cowboy hat holstering a six-shooter cap gun on one hip and a blackberry on the other.

I do love that the second tweet is rendered ambivalent by the question mark. It’s a little bit like reading misspelled racist graffiti on a bathroom wall. The sheer ignorance it displays overwhelms its message.