Hardin jail Updates

American Police Force President Michael Hilton

American Police Force President Michael Hilton

American Police Force President Michael Hilton on the left with cigarette

Shay named spokesperson for American Police Force “American Police Force, the company contracting with Two Rivers Authority to run its new-but-empty jail in Hardin, announced Friday its new public relations person.
Becky Shay, a former Billings Gazette reporter whose beat included the Hardin facility, accepted the position Friday.”…..(click link to continue)

Job applicants overwhelm American Police Force Web site “Becky Shay, APF’s public relations director, said the Web site, www.americanpolicegroup.com, crashed because it has received more job applications than the server can handle. APF has received at least 2,000 applications, many of which are for jobs at the 464-bed jail in Hardin.”…..(click link to continue)

APF arrives with cop car prototype for Hardin “Hilton and APF employees arrived Wednesday evening in Hardin driving three black Mercedes SUVs with removable decals that read ‘City of Hardin Police Department.’
Hilton said the cars and decals are prototypes that show Hardin his commitment to help with policing and cleaning up the town.
Residents didn’t see it that way, and when one accused Adams on Thursday night of secret discussions with APF on the police force, he had an emotional response, bouncing out of his folding chair, yelling and pointing his finger at the woman.”…..(click link to continue)