Iran: partying like it’s 1989

Fck You Ahmadinedschad! #Iranelection #Protest

Could we not boil down all this coverage of the Iran protests to one real question: will Iran follow Tiananmen Square in June, 1989 or Berlin in November of that same year?

That is, will this revolution take them towards openness and freedom or will it collapse back into itself?

Bernard-Henri Levy opines that this is the birth of a new revolution:

Whatever happens, the emperor has no clothes.

Whatever happens, the regime of the ayatollahs is, in the greater or lesser long term, condemned to compromise or disappear.

The photo used in this post is linked to from here:

[this pic clearly occupies the same metaphorical space as the famous tank man shot of Tiananmen Square, with a bit more anger]

update: photo from Tiananmen