Hardin Jail/American Police Force President Michael Hilton: Scam Artist or True Western Hero?

Here’s a new joke we tell out here in the windswept plains of eastern Montana: what do you get when you cross a wanna-be Serbian Militant with a Southern California car salesman? That’s right, the keys to the Hardin Jail.
Yes, it’s all coming unglued in our little nearby prison house on the prairie. American Police Force President “Captain” Michael Hilton aka Midrag Ilia Dokovitch, aka Michael Miodrag, (and numerous other aliases says the AP) has been outed as a con man with a string of convictions (including fourteen felony convictions and a little bit of check kiting thrown in), a long list of civil suits against hims, liens out the wazoo, you name it.

So he made some mistakes. For starters, he’s used the Serbian Coat of Arms as his company logo, despite claiming he’s Montenegrin which brought the full internet conspiracy-theory-nerd-force down on him.

American Police Force Logo and the Serbian Coat of Arms

American Police Force Logo

American Police Force Logo

Serbian Coat of Arms

Serbian Coat of Arms

He’s so drawn to the Serbian Coat of Arms he uses it on two of his company logos. See the IP of his website shares an IP (and thus a server) with defenseproductsolutions.com which is currently “unavailable” (either hacked or down at the moment, or overwhelmed by nerd traffic (I include myself in that predicate). But have no fear because once you reverse the IP lookup, you find allieddefensesystems.com which is the exact same website as defenseproductsolutions.com, on the same server under the same IP and under the same hidden by proxy registration with Godaddy. You connect the dots. Further, if you peek under the code of that web page you get to scan their metadata keywords and you find all sorts of goodies. This kind of recursion traces out annularly as a kind of heraldic mise en abyme. Like a toilet bowl. Draining. Hours of fun.

Here’s but an exemplary bounce down the old drain: I can trace the IP of his the American Police Force website to O.J. Simpson in less than 6 degrees of separation:

1. The American Police Force server shares the same IP as http://www.dpsna.com (currently down at the time of this writing) and http://www.allieddefensesystems.com (which looks exactly the same as dpsna.com).

2. Look at the metadata keywords of the website at Allied Defense and you get this (could be coincidence!.they may not be tied together despite sharing the same server/IP/registration and the same business). The keywords read
Allied Defense System,Inc.
Edward S. Angelino,
Military Services,
ADS, 2007,Irvine,California,
Design Copyright Louchia,
2007 - louchia@sbcglobal.net,Orange County,California

3. Google Edward S. Angelino leads you to the Defense Consulting Group (similar business) and a phone number and an email (and a website that is down as are the others). Same M.O., no problemo. The dots are connecting.

4. Take Ed’s email and pump it into Facebook because even if his websites are down, his social life has to be pumping (come on, war/ransom/kidnapping/prisons are growth industries. This guy has to have his own table somewhere). Ah yes, here’s Ed’s Facebook page with his Lamborghini or something fancy. Oh, and here in Ed’s friends list is the louchia of that metadata designer email’s Facebook profile. Let’s just say she doesn’t look like a web designer for paramilitary organizations.

5. Scour Ed’s other Facebook friends and you’ll find Kim Kardashian, whose godfather is O.J. Simpson (her father, Robert Kardashian, was O.J.’s lawyer and confidant).

Voila: 5 degrees (or did I two-fer that last one?). This whole thing is like a winter’s worth of fun up here. Toss a log on the fire honey and cook up that venison we got us a new sport (“baby, can you tie American Police Force to Bruce Jenner in six degrees? Oh, now, come on over here and let me show you how it’s done.” OK, that one’s a gimme, but seeing as Kim Kardashian is one of the degrees, you might be able to tie the Hardin Jail everyone in 6 degrees, Kevin Bacon be damned).

The evidence continues to accumulate against this deal, this company, ad nauseum, even without Facebook, internet worm holes, and conspiracy-theory blogs.

But there may be another way to look at this thing; a way perhaps more forgiving.

It could all be coincidence.

Oh Lord, let me wipe that laughter tear from my eye. No, that’s not what I was thinking.

Here’s my rose-colored airlift of this whole scene. The Anglo-West has always been built by criminals looking for a scam, looking to get rich, looking to grab the American Dream by the huevos by any means necessary. Have we forgotten the history of the region? Some serious shysters in them books. Many of them brave, many of them brilliant, most of them bastards to the core; some looking for a future, more than a few running from a past. What’s fourteen felonies when there’s business to get done, when there’s a future to be had? Not so much historically. Besides, Captain Michael Hilton/Midrag Ilia Dokovitch/Michael Miodrag did his time in California, a great place to get some progressive incarceration ideas. Although, officially, as a good Montana resident, I’d advise you to keep your Californicatin’ ideas and money outta our state.

Unless your O.J. If your O.J. we got us a whole big empty prison just sitting here.