The Upper Cut: Walt Young Hangs up His (and his Father’s) Shears

Walt Young in his chair on East Colfax, Denver Colo. (photo by Cyrus McCrimmon, The Denver Post)

Walt Young cut hair on East Colfax in Denver for 60 years. His chair was less than 6 feet from the sidewalk, a constant parade of homeless winos. Walt never let that thin sheet of glass get in the way. Everyone came in to his shop.

Recently, I was in Denver and I heard Walt had retired a few weeks back. Last year I had the chance to shoot some footage with Walt as part of digital storytelling workshop I worked for the Center for Digital Storytelling and the Colorado Historical Society’s exhibit “Imagine a Great City” which celebrated Denver’s 150th anniversary. Here’s the piece. The first part is a short intro. I shot with Daniel Weinshenker. The second is Walt telling his own story.

photo by Cyrus McCrimmon, The Denver Post. Click the link to read the Post’s article on Walt and see more photos.