Magic City Hen video & Expo this Saturday

Before heading off to California, I got the privilege to shoot for a couple evenings with Mumbo, this little bantam hen for a quick video to support the Billings backyard hen initiative, which is slowly making its way to the City Council. It’s a quick shot to raise some awareness around the issue. There were a bunch of people who helped out, who shall remain nameless lest I out their coops to the city.

T.J. Wierenga has been the driving force behind the initiative, not without some cost. Upon appearing in the Gazette, the city forced her to remove her hens and coop. She’s been quite a force though and it was an honor to help her out a bit. She’s got an initiative group and she started a non-profit educational organization, Magic City Hens, to help educate hen owners and potential urban chicken enthusiasts.

This Saturday (September 17th) she team up with St. Andrews Presbyterian church to host a Magic City Hen Expo. Lots of businesses have donated and lots of folks are donating time to help educate folks about the benefits of urban chickens. Alas, I am out of town, but wish I could be there.

Here’s some links:
Expo Information, including schedule of events
Billings Backyard Hens Initiative website
Magic City Hens educational non-profit website

NBC, channel 8 did a story on the initiative (video below):

The Gazette’s been covering the issue as well, both in print and online with video: