One of the Greatest Fireworks Shows on Earth

For the first time in a decade, I’m missing the July 4th fireworks show in Dean, MT.

I’ve been to fireworks shows in Chicago, L.A., Candlestick Park, Epcot Center, and probably a dozen other places, but none of those come close to this one. Not even close.

The fireworks get shot out from the middle of a cow pasture and you just pull up your pickup along the pasture fence, jump in the back, sit in lawn chairs or lay on blankets, stare up at the stars until the show starts.

And man it’s a show.

Some of it’s how close you are to the action. Some of it’s that you’re sitting in a lawn chair in the back of a pickup, around a cow pasture on a warm Montana night with your family and a cold drink. But some of it IS the show — they do it right. Wow, do they ever. I’m sure it’s hard to tell from these photos just how large the show feels, but it does.

But not this year. There’s 200,000 acres burning around Lame Deer and Ashland, the entire state is a tinderbox, and the show’s been cancelled by the county.

Last year, I happened to have a camera with me so I took a few shots.

Happy 4th wherever you live.

DeanMTFireworks02 640